Alardy (Alard) (?Alart) (?Alardino), Jacques (Jacobus) c1515-a1592 Belgium, Nivelles - ?Spain, Madrid
singer, 1522 at the court of Carlo V of Spain, 12.nov.1532 matriculated at the University of Leuven, 1572 singer at the court of Filippo II of Spain

Title Parts

[] Dum transisset Sabbatum. Motet 4vv. p1539
ascribed to Alart
? composed by Simon Alard
? composed by Jacques Alardy (less likely)

[] Passa la nave mia. Madrigal 6vv. p1560
ascribed to Alardino
? composed by Alard du Gaucquier
? composed by Simon Alard (less likely)
? composed by Jacques Alardy (less likely)

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