Alary, Jean Baptiste Marie Louis Georges 28.nov.1850-30.dec.1928 France Auvergne, Aurillac - Clermont-Ferrand
educated at college d'Aurillac and Ecole de Droit in Paris, 1870-1877 studied with Henri Reber and Camille Saint-Saens at the Conservatoire de Paris, 1874 premier prix harmony, 1876 1er accessit counterpoint and fugue, for many years he directed the soirees musicales La Trompette in Paris, 1890 residing at 19 rue du Bruxelles in Paris, 1900-1909 at 18 rue d'Estrees and 18 rue d'Armaille in Paris, 1910 at 17 rue Faraday in Paris ; son of Giraud Eugene Alary and Marie Louise Baradue ; 1.jun.1890 in Paris he married Marthe Victoria Herelle

Title Parts

[] String quartet no2. op14
[] String quartet no3. op25
[] String sextet in F. op35
[] Morceau de concours. Trumpet and piano. op57
contest piece at the Conservatoire de Paris in 1900 
pub Alphonse Leduc, Paris
also erroneously attributed to Giulio Alary

[] String quartet in d. op60
[] String quintet no2. op71
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