Alba, Mateo cc1850-1913 Spain, Badajoz - Sanlucar de Barrameda
bandmaster, c1900 bandmaster of Banda Municipal of Badajoz, 1905-1913 of Banda Municipal of Sanlucar de Barrameda, he achieved great improvements, such as the stabilization of his musicians, important acquisition of instruments (he guaranteed the payment with his wife's assets), costumes, tools, methods, scores and improved facilities, he also emphasized the interpretation of a very careful repertoire, with complex and contemporary works: operas, zarzuelas, pasodobles, dance, etc., every day from 15 July to 15 Sep 1909 he conducted the band on the beautiful promenade at the Exposicion de Valencia, he was also a valued music teacher, one of his pupils in piano, harmony, counterpoint and composition was Oreste Camarca (1895-1992)

Title Parts

[] La Trini. Zarzuela. Badajoz dec1901
libretto Canabas

[] El vestido largo. Zarzuela. Teatro Lopez de Ayala, Badajoz 30dec1902
libretto Fernando Garcia Jimeno

[] Preludio. Orchestra
[] (details unknown). Countless works of all styles: polkas, mazurkas, pasodobles, as well as transcriptions for classical music band: overtures, zarzuelas, etc.
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