Albacete y Gonzalez, Jose Maria f1902-f1943 Spain, ? - ?, ?
conductor, 1927 senior chaplain of the Armada, active and stationed in Ferrol Galicia, 21.feb.1929 promoted to lieutenant vicar second class of the Armada, 3.mar.1930 he was pensioned with a credit of ninety percent of the salary, or seven hundred and fifty pesetas a month

Title Parts

[] El voto de Chamorro. Zarzuela. Teatro Renacimiento, Ferrol 1927 (before 23 Aug)
music Jose Maria Albacete major chaplain of the armada
libretto Luis Mesia marine infantry general
organized by the General Association of Music Teachers for the benefit of the Relief Fund for widows and orphans of the deceased members, performed at Teatro Renacimiento de Ferrol 1927

from a review in a newspaper: "In his role as Tio Roque baritone Julio Iglesias (? ancester of...) was very successful and liked his romance as first actor. Purita Labajo and Gonzalo Moreno, demonstrated the mastery of the tables. The orchestra, very well directed by Don Albacete. Precious all the numbers, especially the Aria of the second act, sung divinely with very delicate acting by Rita Cordal"

[] Rurru al Nino. Villancico. Voice and organ
words and music Jose Maria Albacete
pub Union Musical Espanola, Madrid, formerly Casa Dotesio 1943
copyright Union Musical Espanola, Madrid 24oct1959

[] Villancicos para organo y voz
transcriptions by choirmaster Jose Maximo Parra Jimenez (Albacete 1897-1966 Almansa Albacete)
writing: Stabat: Maria en el Calvario, por J. M. Albacete
announced in La Tribuna extraordinario, Ciudad Real 27mar1902
writing: Flores de cardo. Poesias... by Lidio Gonzalez
with a prologue by Francisco L. Manzanares and letter-prologue by Jose Maria Albacete
pub Imp. de Sancho Panzau, Criptana 1903
writing: Costumbres gallegas. Devocion cambiada, por Jose M. Albacete
in Almanaque de Ferrol para el ano 1910
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