Albalat Bernal, Sebastian 18.feb.1907-5.nov.1966 Spain, ? - ?Barcelona
jazz tenor saxophonist, clarinetist, pianist, accordion, electronic organ, 1914 he started his musical study at Escolana de Montserrat, 1927 moved to New York, later to Paris and to Berlin mainly playing tangos and latin, after 1930 he returned to Spain Barcelona and worked with jazz bands like Napoleon's, Crazy Boys, Miuras de Sobre, Plantation and Martin de la Rosa often performing at Club Trebol, 1943 he formed the vocal trio Hermanas Russell, 1960-1966 he made recordings playing the electronic organ, he was considered one of the finest spanish saxophonists

Title Parts

[] Suena nenita. Orchestra. 1941
[] Carmela Castillo o Sor Angelica. Zarzuela. Teatro Victoria, Barcelona 24apr1943
music with F. Gargallo Catalan
libretto G. Alonso y Mantua

[] Tres solteronas. Operetta. Teatro Victoria, Barcelona 3apr1944
libretto G. Alonso y Mantua and F. Gargallo Catalan

[] Leonor. Jazz band
Odeon 203952 1944

[] Si yo tocara bien la concertina. Jazz band
Odeon 203952 1944

[] Triste mar. Orchestra
[] Mio seras. Orchestra
[] Ensueno, una divina melodia. Orchestra
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