Alberdi, Pedro 1878-1926 Spain Guipuzcoa, Tolosa - Tolosa
bandmaster, studied with bandmaster Eduardo Mocoroa, 1900-1925 he was the first bandmaster of the newly established Banda Municipal in Baracaldo with which he won first prizes in the contests held in Pontevedra, San Sebastian and Bilbao, 30.may.1905 he was the first director of Orfeon Baracaldes with 112 members

Title Parts

[] Cocherito. Pasodoble flamenco. Band
dedication: Al simpatico matador de toros Castor Ibarra a Cocherito
music with J. Martinez Villar
pub Casa Dotesio, Madrid 1906

[] Cantos vascos. Rhapsody. Band
[] Fortuna. Pasodoble. Band
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