Albert, Karl Ludwig (Charles Louis) Napoleon d' 25.feb.1809-26.may.1886 Germany, Nienstedten near Hamburg - England, London Kensington
dancing master, pianist, son of a captain of cavalry in the French army, 1816 after the death of his father he emigrated with his mother to England, in London studied piano with Friedrich Kalkbrenner and composition with Samuel Sebastian Wesley, 1840 dancing master in Paris, then ballet master at the King's Theatre and Covent Garden in London, 1850 conductor at Her Majesty's Theatre London, he gave up the stage to teach and compose, 1851 professor of dancing in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1863-1877 residing at 18 Leazes Terrace in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1871 he was member in the Dan Bryant's minstrels in New York, 1881-1886 as retired professor of music residing at 14 Alexander Square in London Kensington, his numerous compositions of light dance music became hugely popular worldwide, all composed for piano and nearly all by others arranged for band ; 1863 in Newcastle upon Tyne he married Annie Rowell (Newcastle upon Tyne bap.13.dec.1826-6.jul.1911 Newcastle upon Tyne) ; father of Eugen

Title Parts

[L] Sultan'in polkasi (The sultan's polka) in D. c1850
London Academy of Ottoman Court Music / Emre Araci. Kalan 691834

the following list of his best known compositions is without details because only intended to aid in the identification of all composers named Carl or Charles Albert :
Adelina. Waltz
Afghanistan. Quadrille
Aimons-nous. Celebre valse
Albina. Waltz
Alboni. Galop
Angelina. Waltz
Anglo-French. Polka
Archer's Polka
Archers-Prince Albert's. Polka
At the Ferry. Solo and duet
Attila. Quadrille
Autumn flowers. Waltz
Bacchante. Polka
Bal costume. Waltz
Bavarian for Lola Montez. Polka
Belle Catherine. Waltz
Belle Suisse. Waltz
Betley Redowa
Big Ben. Polka
Big Ship (or Great Eastern). Polka
Bijou. Polka
Bloomer Mania. Polka
Bobbing around. Quadrille
Bohemian. Galop
Bomarsund. Quadrille
Bonnie Dundee. Quadrille
Bo-peep. Quadrille
Bouquet des Roses. Waltz
Bridal. Polka
Bride's Polka
Bride's Varsoviana
Brides. Polka
Cameronians. Quadrille
Camp of Silesia. Quadrille
Camp. Polka
Campbell Minstrels. Quadrille
Canadian. Quadrille
Candahar. Waltz
Candohor. Waltz
Can't stop. Galop
Canton. Quadrille
Cellarius. Mazurka
Chamouni polka
Chant d'amour. Waltz
Charlestown. Quadrille
Cherbourg. Quadrille
Chinese. Polka
Cinderella. Quadrille
Circassian. Polka
Circlet. Polka
Cleopatra. Galop
Clochettes. Waltz
Club. Polka
Cock Robin. Quadrille
Como. Quadrille
Congress. Lancer
Connaught. Lancer
Constantinople. Quadrille
Coquette. Polka, Waltz
Coronation. Polka
Corsaro. Quadrille
Court of St. James. Quadrille
Crystal Palace. Waltz
Cyprus. Polka
Czarina. Schottisch
Danube. Polka
Delhi. Polka
Dew-drop Waltz
Dewdrop. Waltz
Distant shore. Waltz
Don Pasquale. Quadrille
Douce Pensee (Sweet thought). Polka-Mazurka
Drawing Room. Polka
Drink, Puppy, drink. Polka
Eclair. Galop
Edinbourgh. Quadrille
Edinburgh. Quadrille
Emmeline. Waltz
Emperors. Galop
Empress. Galop, Waltz
Enfant. Polka
Engaged. Waltz
England. Quadrille
English. Polka
Enimeline. Waltz
Erin go bragh. Quadrille
Erin-go-bragh. Quadrille
Espagnole. Waltz
Esperance. Mazurka
Estelle. Waltz
Ethiopian. Galop
Etna. Galop
Etoile du Nord. Galop
Eugenie. Schottisch
Evergreen. Polka
Exposition. Quadrille
Express. Galop
Fair Star. Waltz
Fairest of the Fair. Waltz
Fanfare. Polka
Fascination. Waltz
Faust. Valse diabolique
Favorita. Quadrille
Fille de Madame Angot. Galop, Lancer
Fleur de The. Quadrille
Florette. Polka
Florinelle. Waltz
Flower of the Field. Waltz
Flying cloud. Schottisch
Fontainebleau. Quadrille
Forest maiden. Quadrille
Fra Diavolo. Quadrille
French. Polka
Gage d'Amour. Polka-Mazurka
Garibaldi. Galop
Garland. Polka
Gee up. Polka
Gee-up. Polka
Geneva Quadrille
Genevieve. Waltz
Genova. Quadrille
Georgette. Waltz
Gertrude. Waltz
Giovanni d'Arco. Quadrille
Giuramento. Quadrille
Granada. Quadrille
Great Eastern. Polka
Great excitement. Galop
Grenada. Quadrille
Gretchen (Rip van Winkle). Waltz
Guillaume Tell. Quadrille
Hanoverian. Schottisch
Haunt of the Fairies. Waltz
Heidelberg. Quadrille
Helena. Polka
Heloise. Waltz
Hero and Leander. Waltz
Holstein. Polka
Home, sweet home. Waltz
Hoop de Dooden do. Galop
Huguenots. Quadrille
Hungarian. March, Schottisch
Iessonda. Waltz
Innocence. Polka
International. Quadrille
Invitation. Polka
Iolanthe. Lancer, Polka, Quadrille, Waltz
Ireland. Quadrille
Isabelle. Polka
Italian Campaign. Quadrille
Ivan of Arc. Waltz
Juanita. Waltz
Juif Errant. Quadrille
Junk. Polka
Kathleen Mavourneen. Waltz
King Pippin. Polka
Kossuth. Polka
La Belle Suisse. Waltz
La Favorita. Quadrille
La traviata. Polka
Lady's Polka
Lago Maggiore. Quadrille
Laughing. Polka
Le Bonheur. Polka-Mazurka
L'Elisire. Quadrille
L'Enfant. Polka
Leviathan. Galop
Lightning. Galop
Lilian. Polka
Lillian. Polka
Lily of Killarney polka
Lily of the Valley. Waltz
Linnet. Polka
L'innocence. Polka
Little Bo-peep. Quadrille
Lola. Waltz
Love letter. Polka
Love-letter. Polka
Lucia di Lammermoor. Quadrille
Lucrezia Borgia. Quadrille
Luisa Miller. Quadrille, Waltz
Lurline Quadrille
Macbeth. Waltz, Quadrille
Macgregor. Quadrille
Madrid. Quadrille
Magiara. Polka
Mameluke. Galop
Margarita. Waltz
Marien. Waltz
Marietta. Waltz
Marino Faliero. Quadrille
Marquise. Waltz
Martha. Waltz, Quadrille, Galop
Medora. Waltz
Milanese. Polka
Mollie Darling. Quadrille
Mountain Daisy. Waltz
Naples. Quadrille
Napoleon III. Quadrille
Napolitaine. Tarantelle
National. Schottisch
Nearest and dearest. Waltz
Nelly Gray. Waltz
New German. Redowa
New Lancers. Quadrille
New Schottisch
New Year's Polka
Norma. Quadrille
Normandie. Quadrille
Nymph of the Wave. Waltz
Oberon. Quadrille
Olivette. Lancer, Polka, Quadrille, Polka, Waltz
Overland mail. Galop
Pacha. Quadrille
Paddy's wedding. Quadrille
Palermo. Quadrille
Paquita. Redowa
Paris. Quadrille
Parisien. Schottisch
Patience. Lancer, Polka, Quadrille, Waltz
Paul et Virginia. Galop, Quadrille, Waltz
Pelissier or Malakoff. Galop
Perea Nena. Waltz
Peri. Waltz
Persian. Polka
Pirates of Penzance. Lancer, Polka, Quadrille, Waltz, Galop
Polkas for english concertina
Polo. Polka, Quadrille
Portia. Waltz
Prince of Wales. Galop
Princess Louise. Waltz
Princess Marie. Galop
Princess of Prussia. Waltz
Princess Royal. Polka, Waltz
Prophete. Quadrille
Puritani. Quadrille
Quadrille for english concertina
Queen of Gipsies. Waltz
Queen of Hearts. Waltz
Queen of Roses. Waltz
Queen of the Alpes. Waltz
Queen of the Ball. Waltz
Queen Topaze. Polka, Quadrille, Waltz
Queen's. Galop, Waltz
Reapers. Polka
Redowa des Graces
Regatta. Waltz
Reigning Beauty. Waltz
Reine de Navarre. Quadrille
Review. Polka
Rhine Fay (Rip van Winkle). Waltz
Rifle Corps. Polka, Waltz
Rigoletto. Quadrille
Rink. Galop
Rip van Winkle. Galop, Lancer, Polka, Quadrille
Robert le diable. Quadrille
Robin Hood. Valse
Roi de Lahore. Quadrille, Waltz
Rosa. Polka
Rosalie. Waltz
Rosalind. Waltz
Rosalinda. Waltz
Rosebud. Waltz
Royal Procession. Polka
Royal Visit. Quadrille
Rustic. Polka
Sage d'amour. Mazurka
Sailor Prince. Polka
Saint Patrick's Day
Salutation to America. Grand polka
Sardinian. Polka
Satory. Polka
Savoyard. Polka
Schomberg. Galop
Schottische. Quadrille
Scotch. Polka
Sebastopol. Quadrille
Sentinelle. Polka
Seraph. Waltz
Serenade. Waltz
Sibyl. Waltz
Sicilian bride. Quadrille
Sicily. Quadrille
Siren. Waltz
Sisters. Waltz
Soldiers' Polka
Sonnambula. Quadrille
Sontag. Polka
Sorcerer Waltzes (from Sullivan's opera)
Soupirs. Mazurka
St. Petersbourg. Quadrille
St. Petersburg. Quadrille
Star of France. Waltz
Star of the night. Waltz
Submarine. Galop
Sultana. Waltz
Sultan's Polka
Sweet Annie. Polka
Sweet Thought. Polka-Mazurka
Sweethearts. Lancer, Waltz
Tautropfen. Waltz
The grande Exposition. Quadrille
Topaze. Quadrille
Topsy. Quadrille
Torpedo (Olivette). Galop
Traviata. Mazurka, Polka, Quadrille, Waltz
Trial by Jury. Lancer, Polka, Quadrille, Waltz
Trovatore. Mazurka, Quadrille, Waltz
Twilight dreams. Waltz
Varsavienne. Mazurka
Venice. Quadrille
Victorine. Quadrille, Waltz
Viennoise. Mazurka
Village bell. Polka
Violanthe. Waltz
Waldeck. Waltz
Waltzes for english concertina
War. Galop
Wedding. Quadrille
Wellington. Mazurka
West End. Polka, Schottisch
Whittington. Quadrille
Young Admiral. Polka
Zurich. Quadrille

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