Alberti, Celso (aka Alberto Celso) ??-f1830 Italy Tuscany, ? - ?, ?
singer, poet, 1830 he sang at the fair in Monza near Milan, Fetis was told that Celso Alberti was a pseudonym of a young priest in Milan who was an amateur theatre musician but not the author of the librettos

Title Parts

[] Giuditta Pasta al Carcano, canto primo. Poema eroi-comico in sesta rimadi Celso Alberti. Teatro Carcano, Milan 1829
libretto anonymous, later Celso Alberti said that he was the author
pub Giovanni Pirotta, Milan 1829

[] Il tenore David a Milano, sestino di Alberto Celso. Satire
pub Giovanni Pirotta, Milan 1829

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