Albertini, Alberto 1891-1959 Italy Calabria, Paola - Forli-Cesena, Galeata
bandmaster, teacher of flute and piano, studied composition and instrumentation for band, bandmaster of Banda di Paola, of Banda di Amantea, 27.apr.1926-27.jun.1926 of Banda di Borgia, until 1933 of Banda di Stilo, 1946 after WWII he rebuild Banda di Galeata of which he remained bandmaster until his death

[the Alberto Albertini who died 1959 in Galeata was called 'autodidact': if that was not autodidact in composition and instrumentation for band, then this bio might be of two different bandmasters named Alberto Albertini]

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). Compositions for band
[Carlo Carino and Clara Caruso: Le bande musicali in Calabria 1800-1985]

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