Albini (Albino), Filippo 2.dec.1587-1626/1633 Italy, Moncalieri near Turin - ?, ?
1619-1626 musician at the court of Savoye in Turin, 1626 in service of cardinal Maurizio of Savoye spending most of his time in Rome

[Fetis gives erroneously Felice]

Title Parts

[] Musicali concenti. Book I. 1/2/4vv and bc. op2
pub F. Lomazzo, Milan 1623
pub G. B. Robletti, Rome 1625 [Fetis]
[] Musicali concenti da cantarsi nel cembalo, tiorba od arpa doppia. Book II. 1/2vv and bc. op4
pub G. B. Robletti, Rome 1626
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