Albrecht, Pol 23.may.1874-8.may.1975 Luxembourg, Luxembourg City - Luxembourg City
bandmaster, 1890 entered the Luxembourg Army Band, studied instrumentation and harmony with Gustav Kahnt and Dominique Heckmes at Luxembourg Conservatory, at the same time musician of the Grand Ducal Chapel in Luxembourg City, conductor of several choral societies and brass bands, 1927 assistant bandmaster and 1937 bandmaster of the Luxembourg Army Band, 1937-1939 bandmaster of the Grand Ducal Chapel, 1947 honorary lieutenant of the Luxembourg Army

Title Parts

[] Patriae fidelis. March. Wind band
[] Marsch von der Letzeburger Armee
[] 6 Tantum ergo. TTBB Choir a cappella
[] Missa in honorem St. Joseph. STBB Choir and organ
[] Missa in honorem Consolatricis Afflictorum Patronae Patriae. TTBB Choir a cappella
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