Albright, Lois H (Mrs. M W Billingsley) (fem) 17.may.1904-a1986 USA Indiana, Elwood - ?, ?
pianist, violinist, piano and voice teacher, conductor 'the woman Toscanini', 1925-1929 as piano teacher residing with her parents at the Church of Christ 28 East Fifth Avenue in Gary Indiana and 1930 at her own address 34 West 5th Avenue in Gary, 9.oct.1935 she played piano at the Indiana State Convention week in Gary, 1935 head of Harding College Music Department in Cearcy Arkansas, 1938 she moved to Chicago where she was violinist in the Chicago Women's Symphony and pianist with members of the Chicago Symphony, 1940 in Chicago she gave the first 'opera on television', 1948 she moved from Chicago to Phoenix Arizona where she founded the Phoenix Opera Association (Phoenix Civic Opera Company) and was conductor of the Phoenix Symphonic Choir, 1965 she went to New York City where she taught singing and piano at her own studio, toured the US with her opera'Saul' and was director of the Manhattan Chorale which appeared at Town Hall and of the Manhattan Terrace Players, 1968 she returned to Phoenix where she has been engaged as the conductor of the 17 member Phoenix Oratorio Singers giving Annual Coffee Concerts at the Aztec Room of Arizona Biltmore Hotel and 1969-1973 touring the Valley churches including Orangewood Christian Reformed Church, Longview Reformed Church, First Christian Church, United Church of Sun City and West Thomas Baptist Church, 1974 she moved to New York City and opened the Lois Albright Studio at Lincoln Plaza which became a top center for voice training, 18.jan.1978 and 22.mar.1979 directed the Manhattan Opera Singers at Alice Tully Hall, 22.dec.1980, 27.jan.1981 and 23.feb.1981 the Viennese Operetta Company (formerly Manhattan Opera Singers) at Chelsea Theatre, 5.jun.1981, 26.jun.1985 and 6.apr.1986 at Alice Tully Hall ; daughter of reverend Frank A Albright (Indiana, Alexandria 1869-) and Catharine Benefiel (Indiana, Jackson 1873-1952) ; c1957 in Phoenix she married Milo William Billingsley, white chief (mungwee) of the Hopi indians in Mesa Arizona, 15.apr.1967 she divorced him

Title Parts

[] Hopitu (Hopi people). Hopi indian opera
based on ancient Hopi legends, musical score incorporates for the first time primitive chants
libretto M. W. Billingsley
copyright music Lois Albright, Gary Indiana 16jul1954
copyright words Milo William Billingsley 24jan1955
Lois Albright Vocal Ensemble, Carnegie Hall, New York 16feb1955
Academy of Music, Philadelphia 8feb1956
A film 40 min. on Kodachrome 35 mm "Group of Hopi Indians record ancient ceremonies of their people" was made by M. W. Billingsley and Lois Albright Billingsley 22sep1960

[] Allelujia. Mixed choir, 10 parts, and piano
copyright Lois Albright, Gary Indiana 16jul1954

[] Saul and the medium. Opera in one act
Lois Albright toured the US with this opera from New York City 1965-1968
Manhattan Opera Singers, composed and directed by Lois Albright, Tully Hall, New York 21jan1979

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