Albuzzi, Ottavio di Milano c1720-a1766 Italy, Milan - ?, ?
tenor opera singer, composer of arias for operas, as tenor of the opera troupe of Angelo Mingotti (1700-1776) he performed in Graz Austria, 1740 he sang in Bajazet by Giovanni Colombo at Teatro Solerio in Alessandria, 2.mar.1742 he sang in Demetrio by Gluck at Teatro di San Samuele in Venice, Carnevale 1746 he sang in Sinfonisba by Niccolo Jommelli and in Artaserse by Girolamo Abos at Teatro Grimani in S. Gio. Crisostomo in Venice, 1751 he sang in Lucio Papirio by Baldassare Galuppi at Nuovo Teatro Reggio Emilia, 1753 he sang in 'Semiramide riconosciuta' by Niccolo Jommelli at Teatro di Piacenza, carnevale 1756 he sang in 'Zoe, dramma per musica' by Gioachino Cocchi at Teatro San Benedetto in Venice, he retired after the carnival of 1756, but returned to singing in 1762 and 1766, he was singing teacher of Luigi Marchesi (1755-1829) which suggests he was still living around 1775

Title Parts

[] Sfogasti o ciel. Aria with horns and oboes for the opera Nerone
? Nerone by Egidio Romualdo Duni (1708-1775)
ms end 18th century British Museum London

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