Alcala-Galiano y Eguia, Jesus c1850-c1933 Spain Biscay, ? - ?Igorre near Bilbao
conductor, 1878-1884 conductor of the orchestra of Teatro Eslava in Madrid, 1885 he is listed as libretist and as composer in La Correspondencia Musical Madrid, 1920 conductor of  Orquesta Benedito in Madrid, 4.jan.1932 co-founder of Ceuta Conservatory, he may have lived and died at the home of his wife Palacio de Vildosola in Igorre which was also named Palacio Alcala-Galiano ; son of Dionisio Salvador Alcala-Galiano Bermudez (1789-1866) and Josefa Anacleta Eguia Malo (born Madrid) ; 1869 in Igorre he married Mercedes Vildosola Coste (Bilbao 1852-28.jan.1935 Palacio de Vildosola, Igorre)

Title Parts

[] Maestro de amor. Zarzuela. Teatro Eslava, Madrid 8may1877
libretto Calixto Navarro (1847-1900)

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