Aldalur Iriarte, Sebastian 24.jan.1841-1926 Spain Guipuzcoa, Azkoitia - Azkoitia
organist, priest, as refugee during the Second Carlist War (1846-1849) music teacher in Bayonne France, on his return he settled as music teacher in Azkoitia, professor of music at Colegio de Orduna, he promoted the organs of french origin and contributed decisively to the construction of the Cavaille-Coll organ of the church Santa Maria la Real in Azkoitia in 1898 and other organs in Guipuzcoa and bordering regions like the Henry Didier organ at the Basilica de Santa Maria in Portugalete in 1903 ; brother of Jose Ignacio

Title Parts

[] Loreetan (Flower). Song
words Jose Anaziok

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