Alday, Jerome Paul Bonaventure 'le jeune' 1764-1835 France, Paris - Ireland, Dublin
violinist, 1783-1790 performed at the Concert Spirituel in Paris, 1785 studied violin with Giovanni Battista Viotti, 1793-1796 performed in Oxford England, 1806 he was professor of music in Edinburgh Scotland, 1809 he moved to Dublin, 1811 bought a music business, 1812 opened a music academy, 1820-1835 active as professor of violin and music and piano dealer at 10 Dame Street in Dublin ; son of composer Alday 'le pere' ; brother of composer Francois ; 1793 in Oxford he married Adelaide Rosalie Delatouche (1768-1835)

Title Parts

[] Violin concerto no4. Paris c1789
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