Alderman, Marion Hamar 24.oct.1856-12.mar.1925 USA Ohio Morgan County, Homer - California, Los Angeles
cornetist, pianist, organist, amateur musician, dry goods merchant, professor, Esq. 1870 his family had moved to Maryville Missouri, 1877 worked in Mr. Bradford's music store and was cornetist in the Atchison Cornet Band in Atchison Kansas, 1878-1879 residing in Maryville, 14.feb.1878 in St Joseph Missouri he was called 'one of the best musicians of the northwest', 1879 he returned to Savannah Missouri, 1881-1884 residing in Little Rock Arkansas he was representative of Smith & Co. wholesale in musical merchandise of Little Rock, 5.jul.1883 as organist he accompanied the large choir of professor Sherwin in Ottawa Kansas, 16.aug.1883 in Ottawa he advertized 'piano tuner of Conover Bros. will make regular visits to Ottawa four times a year, rebuilding and repairing a specialty', 26.jan.1888 he moved from Savanna Missouri to Sterling Kansas to become manager of his brother's dry good store C. J. Alderman & Co., 5.apr.1888 his family followed and settled on Fourth Street, 18.aug.1888 on Sabbath he played cornet at a Gospel Song Service at the Congregational Church in Sterling, 1891-1900 residing in Maryville near Savannah and St Joseph he was salesman for Brittain, Smith & Co. Dry goods in St. Joseph Missouri, 1905-1910 together with his wife and two family members he was employer retail merchant dry goods at Market Street in Savannah, 1914-1915 residing in Atchison Kansas he was sued in court several times by persons and banks for breaking contracts in cases of sale of real estate and goods, 1920 as real estate agent residing at 1228 Garfield Avenue in Topeka Kansas, after 1920 he moved to Los Angeles probably to live with or near his married daughter at 5010 Compton Avenue, he was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles Glendale ; son of the rich merchant (retired age 43) Eli Alderman (Ohio, Morgan County 22.feb.1822-7.mar.1902 Morgan County) and Mary Jane Joy (Ohio 10.dec.1827-17.aug.1894 Missouri, Savannah) ; 16.feb.1882 in St Joseph Missouri he married Mary S Whitehead (St Joseph 1859-5.apr.1884 Savannah) ; 13.oct.1886 in Savannah he married Louisa Jane Bright (Indiana, Logansport 21.oct.1861-27.nov.1941 Los Angeles) ; daughter Florence Lovell Alderman (Savannah 13.jul.1887-24.oct.1950 Los Angeles)

Title Parts

[] The clouds have rolled away. Song. Baritone and piano
words and music Marion H. Alderman
sung with great success by St. Joseph's distinguished baritone soloist Arthur D. Weld, St Joseph Missouri 12jan1883

[] General Clinton B. Fisk's march. Wind band
music M. H. Alderman, probably arranged for band by the publisher
pub A. E. Squire, Cincinnati Ohio 1888

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