Alderman, Pauline Edith (fem) 16.jan.1893-11.nov.1983 USA Oregon, Lafayette - California, Los Angeles
pianist, teacher, 1916 BA from Reed College, 1916-1917 at the University of California, 1923-1924 Juilliard Institute, 1933 MA from the University of Washington, 1939 University of Strasbourg Germany, 1946 PhD from the University of Southern California, studied piano with Alfred Klingenberg in Portland and Abby Whiteside in New York, 1930-1950 professor of music at the University of Southern California ; daughter of Henry Haines Alderman (Oregon, Tillamook 25.mar.1863-24.jan.1904 Tillamook) and Edith May Kelty (Oregon 19.jun.1870-1.dec.1953 Los Angeles) ; never married but lived with her partner Henrietta Anderson

Title Parts

[] Bombasto Furioso. Opera. Bovard Auditorium, Los Angeles 30apr1938
[] Come on over. Operetta. 1941
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