Alder, Edward (pseud: Edouard Aldier) 9.jun.1833-a1911 England, London Lambeth - London
pianist, teacher of dancing, piano and singing, pupil in dancing of Rosalie Gobet of the Grand Opera Paris, 1851 as cabinet maker residing with his uncle John Alder (Gloucestershire, Cheltenham 1795-5.apr.1878 Cheltenham) in Cheltenham, 1861-1871 as single upholsterer residing with and employed by his uncle master upholsterer employing 15 men John Alder at Menton House in Cheltenham, 1881 single as unemployed upholsterer lodging at 58 Ellington Street in London Islington, 1883-1895 teacher of dancing and calisthenics, hygienic and curative exercises, private classes held at the Hollybush Assembly Rooms in London Hampstead, also teacher elementary pianoforte and singing, quadrille pianist, private lessons given at 23 Shirlock Road Haverstock Hill in London Kentish Town, 1891 as hospital secretary and teacher of dancing, married but without wife, lodging at 50 Shirlock Road, 1901 as teacher of dancing at schools, married but without wife, residing at 27 Mt Pleasant Road in London Hornsey, 1911 still married as patient (senile decay) admitted to a hospital at 7 The Terrace, Camden Square London where he probably died ; son of cabinet maker Edward Alder and Laetitia Kingsmill Williams ; after 1880 he married a teacher of dancing with whom he had 2 children

Title Parts

[] La Princesse. Cotillon de la cour. Piano
pub Phillips & Page, London 1893

[] Skating on wheels, the pastime of the day. Comic song
sung by Mr. Swan Powell
words and music Edouard Aldier 
pub Joseph Williams, London c1895

[] La Reine Cotillon. New dance
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London

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