Aldridge, Ira Frederick 24.jul.1807-7.aug.1867 USA NY, New York - Poland, Lodz
black actor and singer, 1824 unable to obtain major roles in the United States because of his race he emigrated to England, the hostile press prevented him from establishing himself in London, for 27 years he traveled and toured the provinces continuing to win respect and praise, after 1853 he performed mostly in Europe receiving honors in Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Germany, 1858 at last deemed worthy to perform in London, 1861-1866 made a lengthy tour of Europe, he died on tour in Lodz while residing at Luanah Villa on Hamlet Road in Upper Norwood ; son of 'poor citizens' Daniel Aldridge (NY 1772-27.sep.1840) and Luranah (North Carolina 1783-1817) ; 27.nov.1825 in London Bloomsbury he married Margaret Gill (London 1798-21.mar.1864 Upper Norwood Luanah Villa), son Ira Daniel (1848-) ; 20.apr.1865 in London Penge he married Amanda Pauline von Brandt (Sweden, Stockholm 1833-1915 London Kensington), illegitimate daughter opera singer Irene Susanah Mary Luranah Pauline Brandt (29.mar.1860-), illegitimate son Ira Frederic Olaff Brandt (1862-), daughter composer Amanda 'Ira' Aldridge (1866-), daughter Rachael Margaret Fredericka Aldridge (1868-1869)

Title Parts

[] Neger-Dalok (Chansons negres) (Negerlieder)
chantees au vaudeville "The Padlock"
pub Rozsavolgyi, Pest c1860

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