Aledo, Marcus Francis 22.apr.1824-4.dec.1912 Spain, ? - USA Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
pianist, bandmaster, 1842 emigrated to the USA, 7.nov.1848 he became naturalized American, 1860-1896 as musician, music teacher, professor of music residing at 306 Bradford Street in Philadelphia, for many years choirmaster of St Joseph's Church in Willings Alley where he met his wife who was the organist, bandmaster of Beck's Philadelphia Band, organizer of many musical clubs throughout the country, 1898-1910 as music teacher residing at 306 South Smedley Street in Philadelphia, he died from senility at 306 South Smedley Street and was buried at New Cathedral Cemetery ; c1857 he married organist/music teacher Cassandra C (Philadelphia 1822-25.dec.1896 Philadelphia) ; adopted son attorney Edward Joseph Walsh Aledo (Philadelphia 21.dec.1855-12.jul.1916 Philadelphia)

Title Parts

[] The state fensibles flag presentation march. Piano
as performed by the Philadelphia Band no.1 on the occasion of the presention of a suite of colors to the Battallion of State Fencibles
dedication : Composed and respectfully dedicated to Col. James Page
pub Lee & Walker, Philadelphia 1860

[] De rose. Polka brilliant. Piano
pub R. Wittig & Co., Philadelphia 1868

[] President Hayes' grand march. Piano
pub Lee & Walker, Philadelphia 1877

[] Benson marche militaire. Piano
pub Rosewig & Stoll, Philadelphia 1874

[] Sea side galop. Piano
pub Tastet & Co., Washington D.C. 1876

[] Sea wave quickstep. Wind band
pub Brophy Bros., Philadelphia 1883

[] Polonaise in Echelon
pub Harry Coleman, Philadelphia 1893

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