Alekseyev, Vasily Vasilyevich 9/22.jan.1903-19?? Russia, Moscow - ?, ?
1912-1917 studied at the Moscow Synodal Choir School, 1921 graduated from Moscow Choral Academy, 1921-1929 studied composition with Myaskovsky at the Moscow Conservatory, 1923-1937 conductor of amateur choirs, 1937-1941 conductor of the choir of the Workers Union Aviation Industry, 1943 served in the Armed Forces of the USSR where he led a song and dance ensemble at the Southern Front, 4th Ukrainian Front, 1946-1961 conductor of the Army Song and Dance Ensemble of the Carpathian, Far East, North-Caucasian military district

Title Parts

[] Symphony. 1930
[] String quartet no1. 1931
[] String quartet no2. 1934
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