Aleksandravicius, Aleksandras (Aleksis, Alexander Joseph) 10.oct.1886-31.oct.1983 Lithuania, Pediskis - USA Connecticut, New Haven Waterbury
organist, music teacher, 1.sep.1913 emigrated to the USA, 1918-1920 as music teacher residing at 180 Cardoni Avenue in Detroit Michigan, 1918 organist of the Lithuanian Catholic Church in Detroit, 1920-1926 residing at 815 North 8th Street in Springfield Illinois, 26.mar.1927 in Waterbury he declared his intention to become american citizen, 16.sep.1929 he became naturalized american, 1927-1968 as teacher voice and piano and church organist residing at 76 Center Street in Waterbury Connecticut, 1979 teacher voice and piano, 1979-1983 as retired music teacher residing at 30 West Main Street ; he married Frances Aldona (Chicago 1894-6.sep.1930 Waterbury) ; son Vytautas Norbert Alexander Aleksis (Detroit 6.jun.1917-)

Title Parts

[] Uz Teveyne (For the Fatherland). Opera. Waterbury Connecticut 1919
[] Ak, myliu tave. Vienam balsui prie fortepiano (Oh, I love you. For one voice and fortepiano)
pub A. Aleksis, Springfield Illinois 1920

[] Bernuzel, nevesk pacios. Vienam balsui prie fortepiano (For one voice and fortepiano)
pub A. Aleksis, Springfield Illinois 1922

[] Keturiolika dainu, misram korui (Fourteen songs, for mixed choir)
pub A. Aleksis, Springfield Illinois 1922

[] Trisdesimtis dainu dviems balsams (Thirty songs for two voices). Unaccompanied
pub A. Aleksis, Springfield Illinois 1922

[] Penkios linksmos dainos. Vienam balsui bei duetui su fortepijonu (Five funny songs. For one voice or duet with piano)
pub A. Aleksis, Springfield Illinois 1926
[] 1 - Atsigeriau arielkytes (I drank a drink)
[] 2 - Dzuku bernucis
[] 3 - Vedusiu vargai (The troubles of marriage)
[] 4 - Ai-vai zydelis
[] 5 - Bernytis ir mergyte (The boy is a girl)
[] Pirmy i kova (First into the fight). Mixed choir unaccompanied
in collection "Repertoire of the 4th Song Festival"
pub LB Cikagos Apygardos Valdyba (LB Chicago District Board), Chicago 1971
produced by the US and Canadian Lithuanian Society

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