Aleman Rodriguez, Jose Demetrio 22.dec.1846-25.feb.1924 Cuba, Guanabacoa - Santiago de las Vegas
double bassist, violinist, flutist, pianist, studied music with Pedro Alvarez, 1869 he played double bass in the orchestra of Juan de Dios Alfonso 'Flor de Cuba', 1870 he moved to Santiago de las Vegas where he opened a tailor shop, he played double bass in the orchestra of Havana cathedral, 1878 he formed his own orquesta tipica wind band in Santiago de las Vegas, 1920 he played with the band in Tampa Florida, 1922 he became conductor of Banda de Musica de Santiago de la Vega ; father of composer and clarinetist/violinist/pianist Ramon Aleman y Parra who formed Orquesta Aleman

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). danzones, polkas, minuets, lanceros, cuadrillas
[] (details unknown). musica religiosa, like marchas and misas
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