Alessandri, Felice 24.nov.1747-15.aug.1798 Italy, San Damaso or Rome - Casinalbo near Modena
harpsichordist, harpsichordist and conductor in Turin and at the Concert Spirituel in Paris, 1770 harpsichordist in London, 1777-1778 he conducted the Concert Spirituel in Paris, 1786 singing teacher in St Petersburg, 1789-1792 he was in Berlin, 1794 he searched for commissions in Vienna and Berlin but returned to Italy the same year

Title Parts

[] La finta principessa "I due fratelli pappamosca". Opera buffa. Teatro San Moise, Venice 1782
also known as La finta baronessa "Li due fratelli ridicoli"
libretto Filippo Livigni

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