Alexander, Alfred 6.may.1844-19?? England Kent, Rochester - ?, ?
organist, choirmaster, 9.jun.1844 baptized at Saint Nicholas in Rochester, studied organ with John Hopkins, 1889 BM from Toronto University, 1862 organist of Shorne parish church in Rochester, 1865 of Strood parish church in Rochester, 1874-1877 of St Michael College in Tenbury, 1877-1891 organist/choirmaster of Wigan parish church, 1891 organist and organ teacher at Alexander's School in Linslade Leighton Buzzard Buckinghamshire (now Bedfordshire), 1891-1892 organist of the American Church in Nice France, 1892-1897 organist/choirmaster of St Andrew in Southport, 1898-1906 as organist and professor of music residing at 45 Comely Bank Road in Edinburgh Scotland ; son of coach trimmer John Alexander (Ipswich 1804-) and Emily Maria Stevens (Lambeth 1807-12.jan.1867 Rochester) ; he married school principal Mary R C (Wiltshire, Biddestone 1845-)

Title Parts

[] Save me O God. Anthem. Mixed choir. London 1877
[] Give unto the Lord. Anthem. London 1878
[] Three settings of the Benedicite, omnia Opera
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London & New York 1890
[] 1 - in B flat
[] 2 - in E flat
[] 3 - in C
[] Sonata in d. Organ.
pub Novello, London 1891

[] The lesson of the leaves. Mixed choir
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London & New York 1891

[] 6 Kyries
pub Novello, London 1899

[] Put me not to rebuke. Anthem
pub Metheven Simpson, Edinburgh 1908

[] Triumphal march. Orchestra
[] Sonata in B flat. String quartet
[] Why seek ye the living. Anthem. Mixed choir
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