Alexander, George Washington 1829-20.feb.1895 USA Pennsylvania, Francisville - Maryland, Laurel
musician, poet, actor, 31oct.1848-5.apr.1861 engineer in the US Navy, 15.jun.1861 he became lieutenant of a company of Marylanders which offered its services to Governor Letcher for the Confederacy in Virginia, 1861 captured and while awaiting execution by the Union Army he escaped and fled to Richmond Virginia, promoted Confederate captain and later colonel, 1862 appointed superintendent of Castle Thunder prison in Richmond, after the civil war he went to Canada where he taught French in a college till it was safe to return, for many years engineer in Baltimore

Title Parts

[] The Southern soldier boy, air The boy with the auburn hair. Song
sung by Miss Sallie Partington in the "Virginia Cavalier" at the Richmond New Theater
words by Captain G. W. Alexander
pub Geo. Dunn & Co., Richmond Virginia 1863
pub Julian A. Selby, Columbia South Carolina 1863

[] Delta kappa epsilon. Polka
pub A. Metzger & Son, Troy 1868

[] The Angels's song. Sacred song
words H. B. Worth
pub London 1876

[] Oh, de Darkie's home and lonely. Song and chorus
words and music by G. W. Alexander
pub C. Sheard, London 1880

[] Oh, de Darkey's home am lonely. Voice and piano
pub Toronto News Co., Toronto & Montreal News, Montreal 1881

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