Alexander, Dinah Eva (stage name Hanid Alexander) 29.apr.1892-19?? England, London Marylebone - ?South Africa, ?
comedienne, singer, pianist, born at 266 Edgware Road, 7.may.1900 she gave vocal and instrumental solos at a Grand Evening Concert at Steinway Hall, 1901 residing with her parents, 4 siblings and 2 servants at 2 Warrington Gardens in London, 25.aug.1902 she played 'wonderfully at the piano for one so young and singing with expression and humour' in the melodrama The Fatal Wedding at the Princess Theatre in London, 25.dec.1902 she played the title role Little Red Riding Hood 'a dainty and sprightly child who captivated all hearts by her acting and clever manipulation of the piano' at the Alexandra Theatre in London, she played the role every following year and 'won rounds of applause by her pianoforte solos' 'also proved herself quite a clever pianist, she captured the house instantly', 25.feb.1905 with Dolly McCalla she played the babes in The Babes in the Wood to a crowded house at Theatre Royal in Newcastle, 21.oct.1910 on her first American tour she performed as comedienne and pianist at the Majestic Theatre in Chicago, 15.nov.1910 performed as comedienne and pianist daily at B. F. Keith's Grand Opera House in Indianapolis Indiana, 3.dec.1910 Miss Hanid Alexander 'a demure and chic English comedienne who has a good voice, plays the piano well and is pretty' performed as actress at the New Grand in Evansville Indiana, 13.apr.1911 in Redondo California 'Hanid Alexander is a generous, bright and wholesome English girl who with a piano entertains charmingly', 24.apr.1911 in her last week in Los Angeles she performed as comedienne and pianist 'who at the piano sings and plays in a fashion to make you talk of her delightful work' daily at the Orpheum Theatre, 27.mar.1912 as actress performed at the Hippodrome in London, 14.apr.1912 performed as actress at Tivoli in London, 27.mar.1912 at the Hippodrome Miss Hanid Alexander sings a number of songs in the manner of Miss Margaret Cooper, what she brings this time is hardly worthy of her unmistakable gifts, she afterwards played one of the Hungarian Rhapsodies of Liszt, safe and sound to the accompaniment of Mr. Haines's excellent band, 25.dec.1913 as singer and pianist at Criterion, London's leading restaurant Xmas Night Special Concert, exclusive engagement of Miss Hanid Alexander in her American repertoire and at the piano, 28.jul.1914 at the Ardwick Empire in London 'Miss Hanid Alexander is a pianist of some ability', from 1915 her name is no longer mentioned, between 1918-1928 she made several travels with her children to South Africa where she also lived permanent for extended periods, 1923-1928 residing at 39 Nassau Road in London Barnes ; daughter of provision merchant employer Samuel Alexander (London Paddington 1860-) and Sarah Brilliant Mitchell (London Paddington 1860-) who married 1882 in London ; 1916 in London Hampstead she married merchant Joseph B R Festen Stein (?South Africa 1882-) ; son Derrick Alexander Stein (South Africa 1918-), son Roger Thomas Stein (South Africa feb.1919-)

Title Parts
[] Hop o' my thumb. Two-step. Pianoforte
pub Francis, Day & Hunter, London 1910
pub arranged for band Francis, Day & Hunter, London 4may1912

[rem : her only known composition, but which was so popular that the publisher also published it as arrangement for band]

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