Alexander, James Edgar 24.dec.1875-6.jul.1925 USA Pennsylvania, Pottsville - Harveys Lake
amateur pianist, singer, song leader and composer, affectionally known as 'Ex' Alexander, 1880 residing at 112 Union Street in Pottsville, 1887 his family moved to Wilkes-Barre where he became office boy of Miner-Hillard Milling Co., 1900 as bookkeeper of Miner-Hillard Milling Co. residing with his parents at 44 Mallory Place in Wilkes-Barre, the week of 13.may.1901 he sang in Arthur Sullivans' opera The Sorcerer at the new Nesbitt Theatre in Wilkes-Barre, 1910 as hay buyer of Miner-Hillard Milling Co. residing at North Franklin Street in Wilkes-Barre, 1918-1925 residing at 72 North Main Street in Wilkes-Barre, 1918-1923 secretary of Miner-Hillard Milling Co., member of the Kiwanis Club and Concordia Society, 18.oct.1919 he led the musical entertaining at the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Miner-Hillard Co. at the Elks Club in Wilkes-Barre, 30.mar.1922 he conducted the singing at the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Club trustees conference in Wilkes-Barre, 1924 oriental guide of Irem Temple Shrine, at time of death residing in Harveys Lake near Wilkes-Barre where he died at his summer cottage after a year and a half physical breakdown, he was one of the most popular citizens for his kindliness to all, rich and poor, prominent and obscure, his funeral at the Irem Temple auditorium was attended by friends from all parts of the valley, all offices and mills closed at noon ; son of composer James I. Alexander and Maria Louisa Glassmyer (Wilkes-Barre 7.jan.1845-21.may.1918 Wilkes-Barre) ; 1906 he married Alice Groth Heyer (Pennsylvania, Ashley 5.jan.1882-2.jun.1932 Wilkes-Barre)

Title Parts

[] The Guard Mount. March. Wind band
music erroneously attributed to J. E. Alexander, actually a composition by his father J. I. Alexander
pub (arr. G. H. Reeves) Carl Fischer, New York 20jun1910

[] Lovely Joe. Song
announced as "his new song" and performed by James Edgar Alexander in a Concordia Society minstrel show at the Grand Opera House, Wilkes-Barre 20feb1911

[] Where's you goin' ? Song
announced as "a new song" and performed by James Edgar Alexander at the Industrial Exposition at the Penn Tobacco building, Wilkes-Barre 14may1913

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