Alexander, Jesse 18??-19?? USA, ? - ?, ?
1900 as music publisher Downes-Alexander Music residing in New York, 1917 as music publisher in Muncie Indiana, possibly an amateur composer who only published his own music because a music publisher or musician named Jesse Alexander cannot be identified, his co-publisher may have been the writer Sarah Louise Downes nee Downs, divorced wife of banker Edwin Oliver Downs ne Quigly (parents of the music critic Olin Downes)

[? identical with: Alexander, Jesse oct.1869-19?? USA Missouri, Everett - ?NY, New York
violinist, telegraph operator / typewriter manufacturer employer, 1900 as telegraph operator residing at 795 Glenmore Avenue in Brooklyn, 1905 as typewriter manufacturer employer (Alexander Typewriter Co.) residing at 130 Milford Street in Brooklyn, 1910-1923 as inventor and typewriter manufacturer employer residing at 879 Glenmore Avenue in Brooklyn, after 1923 there is no more information about him ; son of farmer Jackson F 'John' Alexander (Kentucky, Greenup 1835-b1900 Missouri, Austin) and Rachel Suenhart (Ohio 1840-14.dec.1924 Brooklyn) ; 1893 he married Kate 'Kittie' Lee (Illinois jun.1872-) ; eldest of 4 children pianist Kate 'Kittie' (Brooklyn 12.apr.1894-) ; youngest of 4 children Tyve Elisa (Brooklyn 11.apr.1904-) ]

Title Parts

[] Liberty's flag has fallen for the sake of an Empire's greed
composed and dedicated to the Boer Republic, it's patriots, Hon. Paul Kruger, Styne, Cronje and Lovers of Liberty
pub Downes-Alexander Music, New York 1900
ms Krugermuseum, Pretoria South Africa

[] The sweetheart that I loved in boyhood days
words and music Jesse Alexander, arr. by Barrington L. Brannan
copyright Jesse Alexander, New York City 20nov1900
pub Jesse Alexander, New York City 1900
pub "all popular music at less than half price", B. L. Brannan, 195 Broadway, New York 1902

[] I love you too much to call you sweetheart
words Jesse Alexander, music E. S. S. Huntington of U. S.
pub Jesse Alexander, Muncie, Indiana 20jun1917

[] I'd rather be alone
words and melody Jesse Alexander - ? arr. by Kennedye Nelson
unpublished, copyright Kennedye Nelson, Chicago 9aug1940

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