Alexander, Josef 15.may.1907-28.feb.1992 USA Massachusetts, Boston - NY, New York Manhattan (at New York Hospital)
pianist, 1943-1977 teacher at Brooklyn College ; 20.jan.1940 in New York he married Hannah Margolis

[Baker 1992 gives after an incorrect obituary, died 23.dec.1989 Seattle, which was corrected in Baker 1997 and 2001]
[Grove 2002 doubled the error by giving died 23.dec.1990 Seattle]
[the incorrect obituary is a confusion with Jeff Alexander and seems to originate from NRMI April-June 1990]

Title Parts

[] Williamsburg suite. Orchestra. 1942
premiere NBC SO / Henri Nosoo 19aug1944

[] New England overture. 1943
premiere St Louis SO / Vladimir Golschmann 12feb1943

[] Epitaphs. Orchestra. 1947
premiere New York / Dimitri Mitropoulos 8mar1951

[] Symphony no3. 1961
premiere New York 27apr1970

[] Symphony no4. 1968
premiere New York feb1976

[] Escapades. Marimba. 1988
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