Alford, Harold 'Harry' LaForrest 3.aug.1877-4.mar.1939 USA Michigan, Hudson - Illinois, Chicago Elmhurst (bur Mt Emblem Addison)
pianist, trombonist, bandmaster, grew up in Blissfield Michigan, 1903-1939 arranger/publisher in Chicago La Grange and River Forest ; 1.oct.1902 he married Lucille H Teetzol (Canada, Mospeth 24.feb.1878-30.jan.1938 Chicago)

[Suppan 1988 gives erroneously born Blissfield 1883 ; Bierley 1991 gives erroneously born Blissfield 1875]

Title Parts

[] The thunder cloud. Wind band. 1911
[] The purple carnival. March. Wind band. 1933
Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra / Frederick Fennell. Brain 7502

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