Algier, Ernest Jules (Giulio) 27.sep.1861-10.dec.1933 Italy, Milan - France, Paris 8e
with french nationality born and raised in Milan where his father was professor of french, he studied music in Milan and published music in Italy as Giulio Algier, by 1886 aged 25 as composer of music residing at Rue de Laval 6 in Paris while his parents were still living in Milan where his father was attached to the Consulate General of France, in Paris he published music as Jules Algier, he wrote 'La technique des anciens chanteurs italiens' published by Fischbacher in Paris 1918, at time of death as professor of singing residing at 18 Rue de Vienne in Paris ; son of professor of french Nicolas Theodore Algier (Paris 11.apr.1814-) and Barbe Jeanne Duci ; 29.jul.1886 in Paris he married the widowed rentier Madeleine Honorine Victorine Stauffer-Haguette Boutolle (Luneville 26.mar.1853-), divorced 28.oct.1911 in Orleans France

Title Parts

[] Lux. Cantata. Soprano, mezzosoprano, tenor, bass and mixed choir
poesia e musica di Giulio Algier
pub Tip. sociale E. Reggiani, Milan 1884

[] Concerto in B flat. Clarinet and orchestra
published in Italy as Giulio Algier

[] Oraison domenicale. Preghiera. Voice and piano
published in Italy as Giulio Algier

[] Mazurka pour piano
pub P. Schott, Paris 1892

[] Valse caprice pour piano
pub P. Schott, Paris 1892

[] Compositions pour piano
dedication : a Madame Helene Lazard
pub P. Schott, Paris 1892
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1892
[] 1 - Mazurka
[] 2 - Valse caprice
[] Romance sans paroles pour violoncelle avec piano
pub B. Schott, Mainz 1894

[] Devant une chapelle. Melodie pour violon et piano
pub M. Eschig, Paris 1934

[] Sonata no2
pub United Music Publishers, England 2009

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