Alicot, Jean Antoine 22.feb.1860-9.jan.1923 France, Beziers - Montpellier
bandmaster, 29.nov.1889 bandmaster of the 15e Regiment de ligne, 11.jan.1903 bandmaster of the 2e Regiment du Genie, 1903-1906 residing at 1 Rue des Ateliers in Montpellier, 4.jan.1904 named Officier de l'instruction publique, 1905-1913 opera conductor, later director of l'Odeon in Montpellier, 16.may.1913 he was pensioned from 33 years in military service, 1936 as deceased composer member of Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM) Paris ; son of carrier Charles Antoine Alicot (Beziers 1832-) and Marie Marguerite Puech (Beziers 1833-) ; 20.dec.1888 in Dunkerque he married Camille Arnaud (Milhau 28.mar.1866-a1923) ; daughter Gabrielle (Nancy 1891-), daughter Jeanne (Castelnaudary 1893-), son Emmanuel (Castelnaudary 1896-), son Marcel (Castelnaudary 1898-), son Georges (Montpellier 1904-)

Title Parts

[] Sentimentale-evocation. Reverie pour violon et piano
pub Justin Robert, Beziers 1900

[] Grand ballet, as interlude to the comedy Ours et le Pacha by Scribe
performed at l'Odeon in Montpellier 2aug1905

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