Alison, George 2.oct.1866-14.jan.1936 England, London Hampstead - USA Connecticut, Darien
actor, studied in Edinburgh Scotland, 1887 first professional appearance with Vokes Family in Leeds England, after several years spent in London and provinces, came to the USA with the company of Mr. and Mrs. Kendal, 1891 made his american debut as Baron de Prefont in The Ironmaster, 1902 engaged as leader of Proctor Stock Company in Albany NY, 1902-1904 leader of Baker Stock Company in Portland Oregon, 1904-1906 of Bush Temple Theatre Stock Company in Chicago, 1906-1908 of Winnipeg Theatre Stock Company in Winnipeg Canada, 1909 of Crescent Theatre Stock Company in Brooklyn, 1896-1920 he resided with his parents-in-law in Boston but was mainly active in New York City, 15.mar.1916 he became naturalized american ; son of accountant David Alison (Scotland, Dundee 13.sep.1810-10.oct.1867 Hampstead) and Jessie Wilson (Scotland, Dundee 1825-11.sep.1867 Hampstead) ; 1.jun.1896 in Boston he married actress Gertrude Susan Pratt 'Gertrude Rivers' (Boston 5.jan.1872-29.mar.1941 Massachusetts, Duxbury) ; daughter Jessie Ellen (Boston 18.feb.1898-)

Title Parts

[] Since I learned to love thee. A Serenade
words and music George Alison
pub C. Sheard & Co., London 1895

[] At the foot of the rose. Voice and piano
words Lorimer Stoddard
pub B. F. Wood Music Co., Boston 1895

[] Two little coons, a novel darkey song and refrain. Voice and piano
dedication: Dedicated to Fritz Williams
words and music George Alison
pub M. Witmark & Sons, New York 1898

[] The pride of Jennico. Waltzes. Piano
pub Gagel Brothers, New York City 1900

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