Allan, David Skea 14.mar.1840-20.mar.1912 Scotland Orkney Isle of Eday, Calfsound - Glasgow
conductor, G.T.S.C., A.Mus, many years residing in Glasgow, as music teacher he had interest in the Curwen Tonic Sol-fa system, 1880 as teacher of music residing at 6 Melville Street in Glasgow, at time of death residing at 32 Granville Street in Glasgow ; son of fisherman James Allan (Eday Ronaldsay 17.jan.1806-) and Elizabeth Skea (Orkney Kirkwall 3.jan.1807-)

Title Parts

[] The Gloaming. Part song. SATB
unsuccessful in the Tannahill prize 1879 but by many considered better than the one awarded

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