Allan, Flora ??-?? ?England, ? - ?South Afica, ?

[? identical with: Allan, Florence May 15.may.1896-15.nov.1929 England, Newcastle - South Africa, Cape Town
daughter of William Allan (Newcastle 16.jun.1872-1896 Gateshead Durham) and Frances Louisa Thompson (Northumberland Tynemouth 1872-1897 Tynemouth) ; c1915 in South Africa she married Charles Robert Bird (South Africa 12.nov.1891-24.jul.1977 Rhodesia, Salisbury) ; daughter Joyce Thelma Bird (South Africa, Cape Town Woodstock 17.jan.1916-2003 Zimbabwe, Harare)]

Title Parts

[] Valsche River waltz
pub Jackson Bros., Durban & Harrismith
printed by C. G. Roder, Leipzig

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