Allard, Carlos (Charles) Oscar 1823-1895 Belgium, ? - ?France, ?Saint-Germain-en-Laye
1866-1882 professor of music and director of the municipal music in Saint-Germain-en-Laye France, 17.jun.1866 he conducted the orchestra composed of the the most distinguished artists of Paris at the inauguration of the resurgence celebrations at the bandstand Kiosque de l'Ile du Grand-Lac in Saint Germain, 1872 residing at 2 Rue du Chateau neuf, 12.jun.1875 he received a honorable mention with gold medal with his Musique municipale de Saint-Germain at the Centenaire de Boieldieu in Rouen, May 1882 he founded the band Harmonie du Commerce de Saint-Germain-en-Laye and attempted to organize weekly concerts on the bandstand Kiosque de l'Ile du Grand-Lac but this attempt was limited to the 1882 season alone, the last concert given on 17.sep.1882 ; he married Dolores Font (Spain 1831-) ; son Charles (Belgium 1850-), son Auguste (Belgium 1852-), son Louis (Belgium 1854-), daughter Dolores (Belgium 1856-), daughter Angela (Belgium 1858-)

Title Parts

[] La Saint Germinoise. Polka pour piano
executee aux Concerts de la Terrasse par la musique municipale de Saint Germain en Laye
dedication : a Madame de Breuvery
pub E. Chatot, Paris 1866

[] L'Oiseau de paradis. Polka de concert pour le nouvel instrument l'ocarina avec piano
dedication : Opgedragen aan mevrouw Salet
pub Wahlberg, Amsterdam 1879
performed by Carlos Allard on ocarina with Harmonie du Commerce de Saint-Germain-en-Laye conducted by Carlos Allard at Kiosque de l'Ile du Grand-Lac, Saint-Germain 4jun1882

[] Concertino pour cornet a piston en sib avec accompagnement de piano ou orchestre
dedication : A Monsieur Joseph Mellet
pub V. Regnier, Paris c1915

[] 1er Concerto pour cornet a piston et piano
pub Le Boulch, Paris

[] Le Centenaire de Boieldieu. March for harmony (military band)
performed by Musique municipale de Saint-Germain under the composer at the Centenaire de Boieldieu, Rouen 12jun1875
winning a honorable mention with gold medal for excellent performance

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