Allen, Alfred Hopkins 19.nov.1866-15.oct.1947 England Berkshire, Newbury - Canada, Vancouver
organist, born at 1 West Street, 1890 organist in Kintbury Berkshire, 1900 of St Mary in Ilford, later in Oxford, 31.mar.1906 emigrated to Canada where he was organist of the Anglican Cathedral of St John the Baptist in St John's Newfoundland ; son of master plumber, painter, glazier employer Alfred Allen (Newbury 1843-) and Martha Hopkins (Berkshire, Inkpen 1839-) ; 26.oct.1889 at St Michael in London Lambeth he married Sarah Ann Holmes (Berkshire, Snelsmore 1860-) adopting her son Frank Harrison Holmes (Newbury 1879-)

Title Parts

[] Sonata in d. Organ. op1
pub Novello & Co., London 1903
2,3: pub Novello & Co., London 1907

this sonata received rave reviews in the newspapers:
- Morning Post
"Organists may be recommended a Sonata in D minor by Alfred H. Allen. This is an extremely well-written work by one who evidently is an expert organist. In the Prelude the composer employs the rarely-used seven-four, alternating with three-four, tempo. His counterpoint flows naturally and without effort. There is an excellent fugal section in this movement. The Intermezzo is melodious and simple in construction, an Allegretto scherzando in the middle affording effective contrast. The Finale worthily concludes the sonata"
- Daily Telegraph
"Organists are still under a debt to Messrs. Novello, for the steady supply of music specially written for the instrument of their predilection. Foremost in the ranks of the firm's latest issue a place must be assigned to Alfred H. Allen's Sonata in D minor, which reveals close study of the best models, and, more than this, considerable originality in the composer's own ideas. We believe this is the author's first attempt in sonata form. It is only fair to say that it does him infinite credit. There is some capital fugal writing towards the end of the first movement, which gives place eventually to a well-constructed Intermezzo and Scherzo adapted for the softer registers and the display of delicate fancy in the executant. A Finale, Alla Marcia, partakes more or less of the majestic character of the opening Preludio, though the use of the instrument's weightier tones is postponed for the final climax. The dignity of this closing section is quite exceptional, and as far removed as possible from the meretricious style affected by many writers. The author has a perfect command of harmony, and understands the valuable effect of diatonic passages as opposed to chromatic. His mastery of contrapuntal devices also serves him well. Mr. Allen deserves to be congratulated on his clever work."
[] 1 - Prelude
[] 2 - Intermezzo
[] 3 - Scherzo
[] 4 - Finale. Alla marcia
[] Come unto me. Sacred song. Voice and organ. op3/1
pub A. Carey, Newbury 1889
pub Weekes & Co., London 1895
pub as Three sacred songs Novello & Co., London 1909

[] The Lord is my shepherd. Sacred Song. Voice and organ. op3/2
pub Weekes & Co., London 1895
pub as Three sacred songs Novello & Co., London 1909

[] I heard the voice of Jesus say. Sacred Song. Voice and organ. op3/3
words H. Bonar
pub A. Carey, Newbury 1889
pub Weekes & Co., London 1895
pub as Three sacred songs Novello & Co., London 1909

[] An evening hymn for Passiontide. op3/4
pub as Four sacred songs Novello & Co., London 1909

[] Andante con moto. Organ
pub Novello & Co., London 1891

[] Rhapsody in F. Organ. c1895
[] Intermezzo. Organ. c1896
[] Fantasia in F. Organ. c1896
[] Blessed are they that mourn. Motet. Choir and organ
pub Novello & Co., London 1905

[] "Newfoundland" An Ode. Choir and orchestra
words Governor Sir Cavendish Boyle
pub Novello & Co., London 1907

[] Hymn for a Memorial Service
words and music Alfred Hopkins Allen
pub Novello & Co., London 1919

[] Communion Service in F
pub Novello & Co., London 1924

[] Wolfram's dirge. Part-song
words T. L. Beddoes
pub Stainer & Bell, London 1924

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