Allen, Denise (fem) 17.dec.1923- England, London Marylebone
soprano, script writer, born at 32 Devonshire Street in Marylebone All Souls, 1940 moved with her widowed mother to South Africa Johannesburg, 7.sep.1946-1949 studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London England, after her study she returned to South Africa Johannesburg where she appeared in operettas and operas by the Johannesburg Operatic and Dramatic Society, since 1970 singing in operatic shows, in script writing and composing she collaborated with Richard Cherry (England, Ilford 1897-) who arranged the piano accompaniments ; daughter of professional pianist and singer/water rate collector John Leslie Allen (London 20.apr.1877-29.sep.1938 Johannesburg, Lady Dudley Nursing Home while residing at Alard Court 259 Jeppe Street) and May Ellen Elizabeth Sowman (London Wandsworth 4.may.1886-aft.16.apr.1956 Johannesburg) who married 7.jun.1913 in London Lambeth ; grand-daughter of singer Mary Ann Cockrell Allen (Australia, Melbourne 1850-)

Title Parts

[] In praise of South Africa. Choir. 1949
[] City of gold. March. Song. 1950
[] Swiss interlude. Operetta. 1961
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