Allen, Elizabeth Youel 17.sep.1855-23.jun.1922 USA Indiana, Rockville - Illinois, Danville
pianist, singer, 1907-1914 as teacher of singing and instrumental music she opened a music studio at the Storer Building at 80 North Neil Street in Champaign Illinois, 1912 choirmaster at the Christian Science Church in Champaign, 1915-1919 teacher of singing at room 430 Inman Hotel in Champaign, 1919 teacher of singing at her studio at Atkinson Building 106 South Neil Street in Champaign, at time of death still as music teacher residing in Champaign, she died during a stay or visit to her sister in nearby Danville, 25.jun.1922 buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Terre Haute Indiana ; daughter of lawyer James Montesquieu Allen (Kentucky, Shelby Co. 3.mar.1827-1.jan.1892 Terre Haute) and Henrietta Wedding (Indiana, Rockville 21.jun.1830-20.dec.1883 Terre Haute) who married 7.aug.1853 in Terre Haute ; she never married

Title Parts

[] Just for fun. Dance. Piano
pub Luckhardt & Belder, New York 29oct1898

[] Echoes, three songs of parting. High voice and piano
words Prof C. W. Foster
pub L. C. Kussner, Chicago 1905
[] 1 - The sweetest flower
[] 2 - Echoes
[] 3 - Goodbye
[] A water lullaby. Piano
pub L. C. Kussner, Chicago 1905

[] Psalm 23
performed as "recent composition" at the Pesbyterian Church in Champaign 1920

[] Sweetest flower that blows. Voice and piano
[] The Brownies. Piano
music Elizabeth Allen - ? Elizabeth Youel Allen
arr. for wind band by Schink

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