Allen, Frances Belle Casselberry 23.nov.1908-19.dec.1970 USA Kentucky, ? - New Mexico, Albuquerque
pianist, soprano singer, lieutenant colonel in the US Army, 1909 her family moved from Kentucky to Bartlesville Oklahoma and 1920 had moved to Oklahoma City, 1927-1931 educated at El Paso High School Texas, 1930 as pianist and singer public work and private home residing with her parents at Pendell Avenue in El Paso, 1930 soloist at the First Presbyterian Church, 4.dec.1931 she sang Yum-Yum in the Gilbert and Sullivan opera The Mikado at Liberty Hall in El Paso, 1940 as professional church singer residing at 1008 Madeline Street in El Paso, 16-17.jan.1941 she was official prompter in the melodrama Margin of Error at El Paso Community Theatre, 19.oct.1941 she sang solo in the Vesper Service in the Army Y.M.C.A. in El Paso, 1942 she moved to Watertown New Jersey, 1952 residing at at 514 Richmond Drive in Albuquerque New Mexico ; 28.may.1930 she married lieutenant colonel in the US Army and president of Allen Abstract & Title Co. Oscar James Allen Jr (Oklahoma, Canadian 11.jul.1908-10.aug.1972 Houston Texas while residing in Albuquerque New Mexico), 4.sep.1940 her suit for divorce was granted, 13.jan.1942 they re-married in Watertown New Jersey

Title Parts

[] Jumping puppets. Polka
music Frances Allen and Mart Fryberg
pub Colonial Music Pub. Co., New York 26sep1940

[] Lolololo-Lita
music Mart Fryberg and Frances Allen
unpublished Colonial Music Pub. Co., New York 12sep1940

[] Lo-lo-lo-lo-Lita
unpublished Colonial Music Pub. Co., New York 23jan1941

[] Lo-lo-Lita "the girl friend of the Army". Novelty fox-trot
lyrics S. K. Russell
pub Colonial Music Pub. Co., New York 10feb1941
pub (arr. for band G. F. Briegel) Colonial Music Pub. Co., New York 1941

[] Subway in Spring
copyright words and music Frances Allen 27mar1952

[] Oh, I'm in love again
words Oscar Allen (husband)
copyright Oscar Allen and Frances Allen 29jun1953

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