Allen, Frank James 17.apr.1854-28.dec.1942 England Somerset, Shepton Mallet - Hertfordshire, Letchworth
amateur musician, 9.oct.1875 admitted to St John's College Cambridge, 1879 BA, 1883 MA, 1895 MD, started his working career at St Georges Hospital in London, 1887-1899 professor of physiology at Mason University College in Birmingham, 1913-1930 secretary of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 1908-1931 retired to 8 Halifax Road in Cambridge, 1931-1942 residing at Arana Hitchin Road in Letchworth ; son of cheese and corn merchant James Allen (Shepton Mallet 23.jan.1831-1902/1910) and Ellen Byrt (Shepton Mallet 13.apr.1831-29.dec.1916 Shepton Mallet) ; he never married

Title Parts

[] Dainty ditties, or Old nursery rhymes with new tunes. Children's songs with piano
pub Novello, Ewer & Co., London 1887

[] Choice English lyrics. Songs. Medium voice and piano
pub Pitt & Hatzfeld, London 1892
[] 1 - Like an island in a river (Bailey)
[] 2 - In the grey church tower (Bailey)
[] 3 - Sunset song (George Eliot)
[] 4 - Withdraw not yet those lips and fingers (Campbell)
[] 5 - Music, when soft voices die (Shelley)
[] 6 - Good night! beloved (Longfellow)
[] 7 - Take, oh! take those lips away (Shakespeare)
[] The rose song. From Tennyson's "Pelleas and Ettarre"
No. 8 from An English series of original songs
pub J. R. C. Gale and C. T. Speer, London & Chicago 1896

[] Some Folk-Songs from Somerset. (More Folk-Songs from Somerset) Taken down and arranged by Frank James Allen
in Fourteenth and Fifteenth Annual Report of Somerset Men in London
pub Western Gazette & Co., Yeovil 1916

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