Allen, Guy Corken 30.apr.1892-dec.1984 USA Missouri, Hopkins - Alabama, Birmingham
pianist, studied at Missouri Wesleyan College, 1910 graduated from Missouri Wesleyan College Conservatory, 1913 graduated in piano and music theory from Northwestern University, studied piano with Martin Miessler, Joseph E Layton, Arne Oldberg and Frank La Forge of New York, composition with Peter Christian Lutkin and Arne Oldberg, 1913 debut in piano recital at May Festival in Cameron Missouri, 1910-1911 taught privately at Cameron Missouri and Turney Missouri, 1911-1912 teacher piano at Northwestern University Settlement in Chicago, 1913-1914 piano and harmony at Russell School of Music and Dramatic Art in Chicago, 1914-1920 piano, harmony and theory at Judson College in Marion Alabama, member Sinfonia Fraternity, 1930-1960 teacher at Birmingham College of Music of which he was president/treasurer in 1938 ; son of salesman Charles King Allen (Indiana, Jeffersonville 8.mar.1858-24.jul.1943 Birmingham) and Hopkins School teacher Jessie Corken (Missouri Nodaway, Green apr.1865-4.sep.1952 Birmingham) ; 9.sep.1916 in Westboro Missouri he married Mary Bess Robison (Missouri, Maitland or Westboro 30.nov.1891-aug.1964 Birmingham)

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). has several compositions in ms
[Saerchinger 1918]

no compositions found by Guy Corken Allen, none was published or copyrighted, they may have remained in ms in private possession
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