Allen, Lester 17.nov.1891-6.nov.1949 USA NY, Utica - California, Los Angeles Hollywood
singer, actor, entertainer, 1905 made his stage debut and joined with Nellie Breen to create the vaudeville comedy duo Allen & Breen, enjoyed even greater success as a solo act frequently performing at Palace Theatre New York, 1919-1925 appeared in George White's 'Scandals' revues on Broadway, 1925 wrote the lyrics for the hit musical Gay Paree, 1928 played in The three musketeers by Rudolf Friml, 1929 sang I'm yours by John W Green and E Y Harburg, in the 1930s with the decline of vaudeville he moved to Hollywood and played comic roles in films, 1948 as Uncle Capucho in MGM's The Pirate, 1949 as Geoduck in Ma and Pa Kettle, 1949 produced 1950 in Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town

Title Parts

[] Give me the rain, from Gay Paree
words Henry Creamer
pub Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc., New York 8sep1925
copyright renewal Lily Creamer, as widow of Henry Creamer 6aug1953

[] Ireland
words Lester Allen, words and music J. Walter Leopold
copyright words and music J. Walter Leopold 3may1950
published 1952

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