Allen, Mary Augusta Wood (fem) 19.oct.1841-21.jan.1908 USA Ohio, Delta - Washington DC (bur Ann Arbor)
author, publisher, physician, 1856 music teacher in Ohio, 1862 graduated from Wesleyan Female College Delaware Ohio, 1863 music teacher in Battle Ground Indiana, 1872-1905 as editor and publisher residing in Ann Arbor Michigan, 1875 MD (Doctor of Medicine) from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, 1893 she had a doctor's practice at 1412 Adams Street in Toledo Ohio, superintendent of the Purity department of Woman's Christian Temperance Union ; daughter of George Wood and Sarah Seely ; 2.may.1863 in Chicago she married physician Chilion Brown Allen (New Jersey, Stockholm 29.mar.1836-24.oct.1922 Ohio, Cleveland), by 1880 they had separated and by 1900 Mary called herself spinster or widow ; son publisher Mario Chilion Wood Allen (NY, Dansville 24.jul.1870-12.mar.1936 Texas, Houston), daughter editor/lecturer Rose Wood Allen Chapman (Ohio, Lakeside 25.jun.1875-)

Title Parts

[] Breaking the day in two. Song
self published Wood-Allen Publishing Co., Ann Arbor and London England
Wood-Allen Publishing was run by Mary Wood Allen, Mario Chilion Wood Allen and Emily Boggis (Pennsylvania, Lock Haven 27feb1874-)
ms Library of Congress, Washington DC

Marvels of our bodily dwelling (1895)
Almost a man (1895)
Almost a woman (1897)
Self and Sex series. What a young girl ought to know (Philadelphia 1897)
Self and Sex series. What a young woman ought to know (Philadelphia 1898)
Child confidence rewarded (1903)
Teaching truth (1907)
self published Wood-Allen Publishing Co., Ann Arbor
her books were translated in many languages and published in many countries around the world (Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Argentina, Australia)

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