Allensworth, Kathryn (Katherine) Beatrice Senter (fem) 19.jul.1882-23.aug.1966 USA Ohio, Columbus - Alabama, Mobile
cellist, studied music with her sister Hattie, piano with Nora Wilson and at St Joseph Academy in Cleveland Ohio, cello with Ferdinand Gardner and William Wells, voice with Mabel Heustis of Mobile Alabama and Oley Speaks, BA from Capitol College of Music in Columbus, composition with Grant Connell, member of the string ensemble of the Women's Music Club, 1910 played with sister Josephine in a Mobile orchestra directed by her sister Hattie L Rowley ; daughter of Fernando M Senter (sep.1842-a1930 Columbus) and Missouri 'Sua' 'Sor' Cambell (mar.1845-a1930 Columbus) ; sister of conductor Hattie L Senter Rowley (Columbus jun.1872-) and of musician Josephine Senter (Columbus apr.1877-) ; 31.dec.1919 she married engineer Harry Randall Allensworth (Columbus 21.jan.1880-29.nov.1939 Columbus)

Title Parts

[] An indian love song. Voice, flute and piano
[] Our land of the free. Voice and piano
[] There is a garden of love in my heart. Voice and piano
[] Spring came into my garden. Voice and piano
[] Cradle song. Voice and piano
[] Voluntary. Organ
arr for orchestra performed by Columbus Salon Orchestra 1may1937

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