Allier, abbe Maurice 25.nov.1913-8.jun.2011 France, Golbey near Epinal - Saint-Die-des-Vosges
organist, priest in Saint-Die-des-Vosges for all his life, 1951-1963 in Bertrimoutier near Saint-Die where he founded a childrens theatre and restored the church organ, at some time active in Lyon, 14.oct.2003 still living in Saint-Die-des-Vosges at age 90 (which would suggest he was born between 14.oct.1912-31.dec.1912 so he was actually almost 90) ; son of Pierre Allier and Francoise Amelie Balland (Epinal 8.feb.1887-) who married 21.may.1906 in Epinal

Title Parts

[] Le livre de la jungle (The jungle book). Choir. 1960
[] 4 Pieces pour quatuor a cordes. String quartet. 1961
[] 3 Psaumes. Trio. Organ. 1961
[] Pieces pour les petites mains (Pieces for small hands). Piano. 1963
[] Trio d'anches. Woodwind trio. 1963
[] 3 Pieces. Cello and piano. 1963
[] Le pommier (The apple tree). Voice and piano. 1963
[] La couronne d'Annette (The crown of Annette). Melodie. 1967
[] Je vis, je meurs (I live, I die). Choir. 1970
[] Trois esquisses (Three sketches). Organ. 1975
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