Allinowna, Stefania (fem) 19.nov.1895-20.apr.1988 Poland, Lodz - Warsaw
pianist, 1910-1917 studied piano with Aleksander Michalowski and Mieczyslaw Surzynski at the Music Academy in Warsaw, 1918-1919 studied composition with Felicjan Szopski at the Chopin School of Music in Warsaw, 1920-1928 studied piano with Egon Petri and composition with Hugo Leichtentritt at the Hochschule fur Music in Berlin, 1929-1939 professor of piano at the Silesian Conservatory in Katowice, 1929-1930 as concert pianist touring Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia, during the war she was deported to Germany for forced labour, 1945 professor of piano in Breslau, then at the Conservatory of Katowice

Title Parts

[] Etude in d. Piano
pub Czytelnik, Warsaw 1951

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