Allison, William Alfred 1821-1874 England Middlesex, London - London Tower Hamlets Mile End Old Town
professional musician for all his life but not identified as composer, 1853-1857 as musician residing at 34 Hardinge Street in Tower Hamlets, 1871 as musician residing at 58 Charles Street in Mile End Old Town, 31.jan.1886 when his daughter Clara Ann married John Donovan, both residing at 62 (ie 58) Charles Street, the name of her father was given as musician William Alfred Allison without a mention 'deceased', 1874 his death was registered as Alfred Allison, proof that this was William Alfred is the place of death and moreover that 1881 his wife was widowed ; he married Mary Ann Fitzgerald (London St George-in-the-East 1830-1897 Mile End Old Town) ; son Frederick Charles (London Mile End OldTown 28.nov.1853-1930 London West Ham) ; son William Alfred Allison (London Tower Hamlets 8.aug.1857- ; married Stepney 7.jul.1872) ; grandfather of William Alfred Allison (Mile End Old Town 18.dec.1877-)

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no compositions found by William Albert Allison (1821-1874), although he probably composed
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